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Posted by: Kaushik Chauhan | September 30, 2009

Disposable Coding!

The other day when I was travelling, I saw a plastic (disposable) cup of tea thrown carelessly on road and the term “Disposable Coding” strike in to my mind. Just like the person who has thrown that cup, do we really care for what we have written? Or will be able really able to use that in future?

Being in Information technology industry for more than 10 years, I can say that I know what the value of reusable code is. No organization just can afford to have the luxury of what we call disposable coding! Object oriented programming is not a new concept anymore, then too how many organizations would you find having a true reusable code repository where you can say that a single line of code written is not disposable? We know based on the requirement, it may be possible that  depending on the needs, a coder may get tempted to write a few lines of code which we typically know as “fix” to achieve the goal on temporary basis, but who will calculate the cost of the same over the long run?

It’s not just the coding which we cannot afford to be disposable, I would rather say as a human being we should strive to achieve the same at almost all strata of our life. Disposable is a Capitalist word by nature and I don’t want to sound conservative by propagating the re-usability of code (or any other efforts of human being), but don’t you think we can make better progress or achieve more by putting those extra efforts which we save by practicing reusability? Or simply put, avoiding disposable efforts.

There can be much more to this topic than this, and my sole motive is to start a discussion where I would like to get ideas of all of you who are interested in this and spare time to read up to this line. Try to provide your inputs on the same. May be this could be a beginning of new learning for all of us.

Definitely the topic is not new, there has been number of books written and content published on the same line, still I would like to start one more discussion on this! 

The Beginning.

Posted by: Kaushik Chauhan | September 20, 2009

Loud Thinking!

I don’t know how to describe this! You write a blog with spending a good 30 minutes (stolen from your dear one’s time) and when you publish it, you find that text is gone! 🙂

Anyways…things happens and may thats what we call beauty of life! You dont get everytime  what you want or you get what you may not have dream about. But Life IS beautiful by all means.

I could have two choices, (1) curse this software or computer for losing my good 300 words which I wrote previously or (2) re-think on what I tried to express and consider it as a 2nd chance to improve upon what I could have expressed! May there was a scope of improvement (which is always there) and if we believe in something like super natural power, then he/she didnt approved my previous text after “proof reading” it and compel me to write it again. Obviously my third option was to leave it and went to bed to have a good night’s sleep, but I wanted to have something conveyed to all those for whom I really care and that thought would not leave me until I really do so.

Human being naturally has a tendency to share. It could be a happiness, Joy, sorrow, pain, idea or simple plain thought! A book called “Maro Tyan Sudhi Jeevo” (Live till you die) by well know gujarati author Gunvant Shah ( is such an idea which you could not resist sharing with others. Each word, line and paragraph of the book gives you a food for thought and reason for living, Not just living but healthy living.

I would not share more of it here so as to leave you in a middle of curiosity to read it yourself 🙂


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My “Hello World” Post :)

Journey begins with a single step…that step could be an inspiration from someone, or some sort of external or internal force as in this case I would give the credit to one of my best friends – Utpal. He is a man of actions and always insisted me to follow the same trait…but may be I am more of a person of thoughts which makes my actions slower (or at least that’s what many of my friends believe) 🙂

Anyways, this being my first Blog post, I don’t think I would be making any big contribution in this my “Hello World” debut post, and hopefully wont add to an already over-crowded information super highway by providing unwanted inputs.

Let this be a king of common platform where we have a “communication” instead of a “monologue”. A real productive two way communication which intends to add “value” (as put in Utpal’s words)

Thanks for sparing time to read till this point… 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!